Friday, November 14, 2008

Anthony Hamilton in Concert

So the reason we went to Cleveland Ohio on Veteran's Day was actually to see Anthony Hamilton live in concert. Can I just say that the man is fantastic--he has so much soul, he's got a great voice (just as good as what you hear on his records) and he's got the energy of a teenage girl!!! He was amazing!!! Check out some photos of him at our concert at the House of Blues!

This was his wife with him. Apparently she's from Cleveland, Ohio and is working on a CD of her own right now. She's gorgeous and has a great voice! They make a super fantastic couple and they even kissed on stage a couple of times--the sweet pecks on the lips that make you happy to see them together (not at all jealous)!

This was him when he first came out--with his nerdy, huge glasses and his gold jacket.
I think the jacket was crazy, but hey, it worked for Elvis I guess. :o)
This was him after he took of the nerdy stuff. Although the man did look really nice in that hat!
This was him in the crowd. He was great! He went all over the crowd
and sang and danced and was crazy!

This was my mom and I. She was tired--we stayed up late and had to stand the whole time, but regardless it was a great concert, mom even liked it! And she's not one for R & B!

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