Friday, August 22, 2008

Susan Kline

Does anyone know Susan Kline or how to get a hold of her? She's from Northern Indiana I believe, but I honestly don't know where. This is her artwork--I love it beyond belief and I really wanted to get something done by her at the last art show I went to, but she had already started packing up at that point because of the bad weather. Next time I see her stuff out, I'm going to snag up something before I lose the chance all together!!!


I wish I had more artistic talent and creative skill. I'm a great mastermind at times (well really though I mostly play off of other ideas I've seen or heard of) and I can do a few things--mostly the easy things, but regardless, I really wish I had more talent! Check out this piece of art from a 10th grader in Ohio. I saw it at the Scioto County Fair when we were visiting the 4-H Fairgrounds. The creative guy behind this piece is Tyler Kephas of Scioto County, Ohio. Honestly, I'm so impressed that I want to go try to do something like this too! I wish I could go back to high school and take an art class now! Maybe then I could draw, paint, do all sorts of fun creative things that I feel like I don't have the skill to do at this point. Oh well, I'm going to try to force myself to create a bit more! I need some craft time! I need to just try it and stop worrying so much about the results!

I want another puppy!

These are garage sale puppies!
They are mixed Lab and Coon Hound
And they are beyond adorable!
Me and Gremlin--he's so cute, but please ignore the fact that I look like I'm on crack! I'm not!!!!
Random Bulldog Puppy I saw online--makes me want to snuggle his little wrinkly body so bad!!!
Enough said!!!

Happy Gussy!

So earlier this year I decided to have a portrait commishioned--of my dog! I know, I might be a little crazy, but it just seemed like I couldn't stand the thought of not having him up there on my art wall--I mean sometimes he's the best part of the day! So I went through Etsy and chose a woman to do the portrait--she did a great job too! I'm showing you the picture of Gussy as well as the actual finished portrait which proudly hangs on my wall now! I love her work! Please go to the following website and check out some of the other dog portraits and even some of her other work. I think she's got a lot of talent, and I love her creative colors! (this takes you to her dog portrait site)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Post Card Swap

First of all check out this blog and you can see some random postcards that I made for a postcard swap from the Mail Art Collective:
The great thing about this site is that you can swap postcards without signing up--you just wait until they are having a swap and send in the postcards (random ones you made or altered) with their own postage on them and then a few weeks later you get five of them back in the mail. It's great! I was so excited the last time and I'm even trying to get recruits to participate this time as well. Here are the five that I did for this swap. I really hope they make it through the mail okay-perhaps someone will let me know if they do not! They are just cardboard from food boxes that have been collaged, stamped, and altered and then sealed with two layers of decopauge glue--not sure how durable they are. Yikes! Now I'm freaking out about them falling apart!!!

Art Wall

Take a look at these lovely photos of my art wall!!! I love this wall more than anything else in my apartment (well besides the dog that is!)!!! The wall is mostly handmade items that have been given to me by friends and a few were purchased or swapped for online. They are gorgeous and they inspire me creatively all the time! Please take a look and see if you recognize anything--if you have given me something in the past, it might be on the wall in the present, or even in the future since I still have a few to put up there!

I wish you all great creative experiences!


So someone new left a message on my blog. I looked at his blog and really liked something he said there--so the following quote is from TJ the Taurus from Canada--just please understand that I can understand where these words come from--I think I've felt them before myself. Thanks TJ!
"No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance.
No one stays in love by chance, it is by work.
No one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I love

Honestly I don't even remember what this mosaic was supposed to be about--just something having to do with what you love, where you came from, where you wish you were, with a few of your favorite things thrown in there for good measure--I really don't think it matters too much though. The point is that I love it! And yeah, that's a great set of pictures of Matthew McConaughey in the middle--he's my dream guy. Even though he's weird, married, was arrested for getting high and playing the bongos in the nude, and of course there is something now about him saving the placenta from his child's birth to plant under a tree or something--I'm okay with that--just please plant it already! Don't wait forever, I think there might be an expiration date on those things! Yikes! (P.S. That dog in the corner is named Gussy! Weird! It's not my dog but he looks like my dog and his name is Gussy also!!! I love that! I so want to go visit him!)

The wedding of friends--in June---I'm so behind

Well a few months ago my friends Stephanie and Andy got married. It was a lot of fun to participate in the wedding--but here are the highlights that I want to share with people:

First of all!!! If you are having a Bachelorette party and need to find some fun little cupcake toppers--think about getting out the colorful tootsie rolls and shaping them into cute little penis shapes! They made a great discussion piece and they looked wonderful--the cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla frosting tinted pink and had multicolored sprinkles and tootsie roll penises on them. One note of caution though--do NOT put them in the fridge--it made the little tootsie rolls penises melt a bit and they had a slick glossy coating on them... not quite what I wanted, but still they were cute. I would just recommend doing the penises at the last minute and putting them on right before the guests arrive.

Our Bachelorette party was called the "Naughty little pink and black party" and everyone was encouraged to wear pink and black and at the end of the party I gave out party gifts that were pink bags with black decoration and inside was a getting laid kit--each one had a lei in it, a fruity condom, some great lubrications in fun fruity flavors and also a tiny bottle of alcohol. Here were my winners and they seemed to enjoy the prizes. I hope that they used them!

Before the wedding we made a bunch of these paper cranes to put on the tables for decorations. They were cute--lots of fun colors and papers, but they were crazy to make! It took forever! I did like 80 in one night and by the end my hands were hurting! But honestly they looked lovely on the tables, so it was definitely worth it! Here is a small sampling of the ones that I made and yes they do kind of look like they are fighting one another.

Here was the cupcake tower that they had at their wedding. Stephanie didn't sound convinced when I originally mentioned doing it, but after seeing some pictures online I think she really enjoyed it. I wish that you could see them better, they were cute and tasted great! Oh, and Andy looks evil because he is planning to shove a half of a cupcake into her mouth right now... watch out Stephanie!
This is the last picture--it is them at the Rose Garden where the wedding took place. There was a lot of rain and some storms the night before and even early that morning, but it was absolutely beautiful when it came time for the wedding, so it didn't really matter--other than watching out for stepping in mud when we walked in the grass--dang those high heels really do get stuck in that mud!
So, overall it was an absolutely lovely day and they both looked so wonderful. I enjoyed being there and being a part of it. Good luck to you both!

End of an Era--bring on the candy bars!

Alright so here's the deal--that boyfriend I posted about last time I blogged (in March!) is no longer in the picture! Yeah! I have a new procedure about him too--NO ONE discusses him--and if they do then they must provide me with either 75 cents or a candy bar! He's banned from my life at this point--he's going to just go away in my mind even if I have to force him out of there! So, here is a little tribute to the end! Good luck to anyone dealing with similar issues!
(The crazy ex-girlfriend)
(FYI that song makes me so happy right now!!! Thank you Carrie Underwood! And for anyone interested in a great list of breakup music let me know--I can hook you up! But please realize that I like the angry music for breakups not that sissy stuff that's all about loving you so much and wanting you back into my life... blah, blah, blah! Don't make me have to turn the radio off!)