Friday, March 7, 2008

Knitting Projects--Old and New!

This was my last knitting project--over two months ago now!!! Wow! No wonder I've been craving a new project lately! So anyway, for Ben's Birthday I made him a hat and scarf (the pom-pom on top was optional). I made the scarf as the real gift and then tried my hand at a hat for the first time. Yeah! It turned out decent I thought--not great, but decent! It's made of a rectangle of knitting that is sewn together. It's kind of fun and super easy and quick and didn't involve those frightening double ended needles that scare me!!!

After knitting it, I gave it to Ben for his birthday. Strangely enough he liked the pom-pom on top, although it was just a joke and has since been removed. He wore the hat to work a few times though and they made fun of him because it's red--but red is his favorite color!!! I guess he's been called Raggedy Andy a lot, but hey! I don't care! I'm strong I can take it!!! Although I'm kind of secretly mad too. I think Ben only wears it at home now! I guess he's scared of people making fun of him.... mean, mean people! Just because his girlfriend made him a dorky hat doesn't mean they should make fun of him!

After Ben got done trying on the hat and scarf birthday present, Gussy thought he deserved a shot too! Doesn't he look lovely! He's ready for winter now... and it seems like winter is still hanging around for a bit!

That's me in the hat too--why can't I figure out a way to black out my face? Why am I even putting this on the internet? Scary!

Awww... it's Ben and Gussy--although since Ben is wearing the gear Gussy had to wear the fun little pom-pom from the top. I didn't want anyone to feel left out!

So now the question is this: What am I going to get into next? I'm really interested in learning some more knitting stuff. I like knitting, I think I'm realizing that I miss it a bit. I'm going to try to get a project started this weekend. Seriously, I need to get back into knitting--I think it made me feel happier--I'm going to try it again! Maybe I'll even try cables! They scare the crap out of me, but dang it, it looks so pretty... or maybe a blanket--I keep saying that but not doing it and I think now is the time!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dang blog!!!

This blog is making me angry. I need to vent for a second. So if you aren't into listening to my short rant then just stop looking right now!!!

Okay so now that I'm working at a different library I hardly ever have time for a real break or to actually get to post a pic to my blog--which means I'm not blogging. If I had a computer at home something tells me I would do a lot of blogging and photo posting, but with no computer and no time to do things at work then I'm not putting anything out there! Frustrating!!!

Alright, I have a ton of other rants: granola girls, sickness, snow that doesn't get plowed from my apartment complex and leaves me with snow in my shoes in the morning, dirty books, picking up after someone else's mess, dirty dishes-coming from the dishwasher, toilets that have issues, friends that don't call, not calling my friends, taking care of random bratty kids at work... you name it!!! But that's all I'm going to talk about right now, because my carpal tunnel is acting up, my hand is going numb, and the library is closing in three minutes...and I don't have a computer at home.... did I mention that!?!

Thanks for listening!