Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Aprons, aprons, everywhere!!!

Alright so Apronista is my new favorite place to look at on the website! There are the most lovely and beautiful aprons ever! I swear that everytime I see the website it really gets me excited to go to a thrift store or out to some random garage sale or something and try to see if I can find the most adorable little apron to add to my collection. So I'm posting some pictures of fun aprons that I've seen recently so people can see the wonderful creations I've been coming across and as always if you are interested in seeing more then go to the Apronista blog and check them out!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Tree Idea!

So over the summer last year my friend Stephanie made me a bunch of silly little colorful origami items--like a dress, a box, a basket, stars, flowers, a turtle--whatever was on her origami calendar of the day she made and gave to me. They are super cute and I have had them sitting in my closet for awhile now and I think I finally came up with a use for them--I plan to use them to decorate my Christmas Tree! I think the more outlandish the tree is, the better it will be. So I've decided to put on colored lights (maybe--I have to admitt that I really secretly hate colored lights though!) and then I'm going to get some sort of silly, shiny garland that has some sparkle to it and then I'm going to decorate it with lots of fun little origami items. I think my tree topper might be some homemade pinwheels sticking out of the top too. They aren't Christmas related, but that's fine with me. My tree is small (4 foot) and it's just a fun way for me to express some creativity and to act silly. I love non traditional Christmas trees. I think I got that from going to the Festival of Trees in Fort Wayne every year, as a matter of fact I think I might go to the festival this weekend and thus up my creativity quotient even more..... although the downside of that is that I will most likely end up coming up with other ideas for Christmas trees and I will want to do three or more of them this holiday... I have been known to do that before. :o)
*****Okay so today is 11/28/2007 and I have to say that I LOVE making these little Ninja Stars--they are so fun!!! I've gotten to the point that I can make them without a pattern and of course in any kind of paper that I can find! Today at work I was showing them to my coworkers and we were testing out their flying skills--it paid off too because we found an item that had been lost because the ninja star flew under a counter that we don't usually check under--way to go Ninja stars! Who says they can't be used for good? :o)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Wish List

I love this website! It is www.thefarmchicks.com and it's fantastic because they have this on a t-shirt that is pink. It's so cute!!! I heard about it on the apronista blog page and all that I can say is that if I don't win one then add it to my Christmas Wish List because I love it!!! That fabulous pink fifties graphic is so darling. And the ladies at that website are great too because they are all about aprons and crafts and strong women--three of my favorite things!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Alright, so I recently found a blog called Apronista and I am absolutely in love with their website! They have these fantastic give aways where they allow one of their readers to win a fabulous apron--check out the Apron they are giving away this week!!! I'm going to put my name into the mix and try to cross my fingers that I get lucky and win--I think it's just so adorable and fiesty and it really makes me happy! It's terribly expensive to buy, but if I had the money I would go on out and buy myself one! How gorgeous!!!!! Oh and that is a cute little garter belt too!!!

Wish me luck and check out her website if you are curious about it all!


Happy Trees

So lately I'm really wanting to paint something! I don't know what that's all about, but I think I might try to create something and paint it. Bob Ross is just floating around in my mind telling me to get out those brushes and show off the Happy Trees in my mind! I feel like I have so much to do though before the holidays that I probably shouldn't be thinking about painting anything!!! I don't even know how to paint!!! I should be thinking about doing something far more necessary than that--like Christmas shopping for my out of town relatives or getting those dying basil plants on my refrigerator to come back to life, or preparing for the holidays by getting my apartment cleaned up and cleaned out! I love to get rid of stuff and donate to different organizations around the holidays. I'm hoping to find a fun one to get involved with this year. I might go make a donation at the food bank or do toys for tots or something though. Those are great organizations that always need some extra help! Last year I encouraged friends and family to donate to the Animal Shelter, but this year I want to do something different. Any one have any great ideas? I like to encourage my friends to do it too--not that they do, but still it's something!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

One holiday down, two more to conquer!!!

So today I realized that the craziness from Halloween is completely done at this point--yeah!!! I'm so happy about that just because I am ready for the next holiday. Speaking of the next holiday, that means that it's time to start thinking about Christmas presents for my friends and family. I'm trying to do some homemade gifts this year. First I told myself it was to conserve money, but now I think I'm just fooling myself because every time I go to Joanns Craft Store I end up spending a ton of money! Yikes! I wish I could go there and buy everyone a gift though! Seriously that would be heavenly!!! And so easy!!! But if any of you have any suggestions for fun gifts to give my friends let me know! I'm always up for more ideas!!!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Photo Blogs Rock!!!!

Okay, so I have officially found something that I love online!!! It's the whole idea of Photo Blogs--they are amazing!!! I love pictures and photographs and it's awesome to go see the photos that people are posting daily on their blogs. This whole idea of sharing a photo a day is so great to me!!! Seriously I like Flickr--it's an awesome site to get to see some really different and unique photos as well as to share photos with your friends, but the idea of just posting a random photo every day online is also really interesting to me! This might be something I would have to work with. I am going to have to think it through a little bit... perhaps I will start asking for a computer for Christmas again. It almost worked last year! :o)

Until I figure out something though you should go check out:
You can see some of the most amazing photo blogs out there!

Twitter & Delicious (with weird dots in the middle)

Okay, so I did go on Twitter today and also on Delicious. I don't really think Twitter is my kind of thing. I guess I'm just too wordy--I would rather blog about something if I have something to say. Perhaps if I was living in this country and my significant other were living in another country I might think about Twitter as a means of sharing the day to day details, but lets face it--I'm not 13 and have a million things to say to my friends all the time, and I'm not facing an extremely long distance relationship in which I would like to share the tiny details of my every day existance. So basically although it's a decent site, it just doesn't seem like something that is going to work for me. Besides that I'm wordy and I like to talk a lot--so I might as well use something else that let's me get it ALL out there! :o) As for Delicious. It's okay. I can see some good use to it. Especially for places like Grabill that use it for their staff as a means of connecting to different reference type resources, but I guess for me as an individual I can't really imagine using it. I know what it is now though so that should give me bonus points, right? ;o) Oh, and I wonder if I still get a library 2.0 Genius T-shirt--I kind of want one as dorky as that sounds--that could have been a great Halloween shirt--I'm sure I could have come up with a costume involving that shirt! Dang, I'm always too late!