Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas... if you can!

Things are crazy around the holidays! Seriously I always think I'm doing so well and then at the last minute things get crazy and I'm scrambling for everything. I hope my friends don't mind that this year I did more usual and unique gifts. Lots of handmade things and also lots of weird gifts that I've found throughout the year. Of course my friends know that coming from me you just kind of take whatever you can get and enjoy it however you can! Tradition isn't necessarily a strong word in my vocabulary for those of you who hadn't already figured that out!

So, anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone and enjoy your holidays! Don't get too stressed out and just think that you can indulge in all the cookies, candy, food, and goodies you can handle right now because for the next few months there won't be any around anyway!!! :o)

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Festival of Trees Pictures

These are pictures from the festival of trees in Fort Wayne at the Embassy Theater! Enjoy!
This tree is called the Penguin's Parade--not sure what it is supposed to be exactly, but the tree is on it's side and it's really kind of different than anything we've seen there in the past!
This was our favorite tree--it was done by children at a local school and the entire tree was done with a theme of mice! The ornaments are so cute--sponge cheese ornaments, mice houses from milk cartons, felt mice with candy cane tales, not to mention they took groups of three round bulbs and put them together in the shape of a mouse. It's so cute! I think these kids did a wonderful job!!!
That is Ben wearing my mom's hat. (He thought he was Indiana Jones.) His favorite tree was one with a spanish theme including pinatas, sombreros, and a little Santa playing a guitar, wearing boots and standing by a cactus. It was cute!
I love the top on this tree--I'm going to have to look for one like this at the after Christmas Sales this year! This tree actually was done by a dentist's office and if you look closely you will see the cute ways that they used dentist office items to decorate this tree in a really bright, festive sort of way!

If you don't have your tree up, let me know if you need ideas! I'm sure to come up with something--although whether or not you like it is another story all together!!!

Merry Little Christmas Tree!

I'm having issues blogging today--it keeps getting turned down! Wish me luck this time! :o)

Okay, so here is the top of my Christmas Tree this year. It's done in origami. The ornaments were done by my friend Stephanie, but the top was done by me and Ben. He made the pinwheels and I made the ninja stars, then we glued sticks to the back of them and stuck them inside of a couple of rubber bands that were stuck to the top of the tree. Then we made the cute little origami fan flowers to go around the tree and hide the rubberbands and sticks.

I won't lie. It didn't turn out quiet like I had expected, but honestly it's still fun and cute and I have to say that I really love it! It's nice just to have something bright and colorful and creative around! Merry Christmas little tree!

This is my Christmas Tree this year--the total cost of the materials was less than five dollars! The ornaments are all from an origami-a-day calendar that my friend Stephanie did for me. Then I paid $2 for a string of white lights and $3 for some cheap snowflake garland and a set of little plastic icicles. I love it! It's colorful and cute and non-traditional! Plus it was so cheap--that's how I can continue to come up with a new theme for my tree every year!

Here is a picture of Ben and I before we went to the Nutcracker Ballet in Fort Wayne. He's wearing a Grinch tie and I'm in a nice little black and red shirt that I love!!! I wish you could see it in the picture, but you can't and the ones that I took that showed out clothing made me look terrible or made him look goofy--so I'm keeping those private so I don't have any blackmail pictures out there! :o)

Happy Holidays!!!