Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where did you get that mustache/Unibrow?

My friends Steph and Andy accompanied me to a Halloween party at Nick and Michelle's house. It was an interesting time. We actually left early so we could see Rocky Horror Picture Show--but we ended up freezing to death since it was outside and only saw about half of the movie. But these are the photos of Steph and I getting ready for the party.
This is Stephanie dressed as a little old man. She's a pretty good looking little old man--although everyone thought she was dressed up as Andy's dad--not because she looks anything like him, but just because she kept calling him son! :o)

This is me as a man--obviously not a good idea!!! I'll stick to not getting dressed up for the holidays from here on out! And it almost caused Steph to pee her pants from laughing so hard too--so it's obviously not a good idea!
This is Steph and I sharing the fun of the mustache and it's various forms--the Unibrow in this case. Steph actually has an entire box of these mustaches at home, so if you need a mustache, let her know and I think she can hook you up with one!
Oh, wait! Is that Lewis--wearing the aformentioned unibrow? Wow! Those things sure are popular this holiday season!!!

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Stephanie O' said...

I love the one of you and me in the car!! That is too funny! I also think I make a pretty good old man!