Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Tree Canopy Comeback!

This year my friends and I participated in the Fort Wayne Friends of the Park's Great Tree Canopy Comeback. The deal is as follows--you and your friends show up at 10am at a local park where they have pre-dug holes and you plant a tree (or 4!) and then you get a free t-shirt and a hot dog and some chips. But you get tons of fun and entertainment from it too!

We named this tree "Rick James"

This is Andy, Lydia, and Steph trying to cut the twine out of the branches of our tree--we didn't realize until it had been planted that it had twine in the branches and we didn't have a ladder or a tall enough person to get it out--but no fear, we did it! We used the handle of a rake and some snips and got most of it out.

We named this tree "Nancy Drew"

This is Steph trying to measure the hole in the ground to make sure that the tree bulb was planted three inches above ground level--Gina, Lydia, Alyssa, Laura, and Andy are assisting her.

We named this tree (see the right side of the picture) "Duck Poop" in honor of the many piles of duck poop that we had to walk through to get to the back of the park where we planted this tree.

This is Andy standing in the hole stomping the ground down before we can put the actual tree inside of it. Andy had on his stomping boots so he got to be the main stomper! Gina is in the background laughing at him. :o)

We named this tree "Java"--it is a Kentucky Coffee Bean Tree

This is Lydia, Gina, Laura, and myself after planting the fourth and final tree of the day!

This is the whole crew of planters (with our tree--Nancy Drew).
Sorry but Andy was taking the picture, so he didn't get to be in it.

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