Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Books I love!

These are classic books from the 50's!
I don't need to explain--just enjoy them!

This one is my favorite! I should have bought it just to read it!
And then I could have hung it on the wall to enjoy looking at every day--maybe
even hanging it over my bed... I hate making the bed!

James Dean Look-a-Like contest

So one of the best parts of going to the James Dean Festival is getting to see the world famous James Dean Look-a-like contest at the end of the evening on Saturday night. Usually people come from all over the place to participate (and by the way ANYONE can participate--you just register when you get there--no fees, no tests, no verification that you actually look like James Dean even!). It's not uncommon to have people from overseas who come for the festival even. It's amazing how well liked James Dean is in Europe! So, this year there were people participating from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee, Wisconsin, and California to name a few places. The participants this year were not very good compared to previous years.

This is a picture of me with the real James Dean in the background--just in case you need a frame of reference to compare contestants.

These are the 2008 James Dean Festival Contestants

FYI the winner was the guy in the cowboy hat.
He actually was the MOST similar to James Dean!

This picture makes me laugh. It's me and Cheryl with two of the contestants....
Obviously not the closest Look-a-like's!
P.S. NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES call them impersonators--they are not impersonators, they are look-a-likes! I learned this lesson the hard way a few years ago...just trying to educate the public now!

What do you get to see at James Dean Festival?

Every year since I was in college at Ball State I've been going to the James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana (James Dean's boyhood home!). It's so much fun and I love going! It's just a small town festival that has carnival rides, greasy food, a giant car show, and of course any kind of James Dean Memorabilia that you could ever want! So, what might you see at this particular festival.... well possibly some of these things:

Beautiful old cars--spanning many years--most of which are chromed up and polished until you can hardly see anything but the sun glaring off of them--gorgeous!!!

50's clothing and rockabilly wear--my favorite part of the festival! I love this shirt that is made by a guy named Lenny who used to make them in the basement in Fairmount. I heard he works out of New York or somewhere now, but I'm not really sure. The one thing I do know for sure is he had some he had made using old bedsheets with Waldo (from Wear's Waldo) on them. It was hilarious! I love a guy who comes up with those ideas and I love a guy who would feel comfortable wearing them around!!!!

You might see a great rockabilly band like this one: Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes! They were great! They are a rockabilly band from Indianapolis, Indiana and if you get the chance to see them definitely do it! Mandy Marie has a great voice, plus I love that's not a size two! She's so beautiful!!! And those Cool Hand Luke's are pretty cute if I do say so myself!

You might also see something like this: smiling faces! These two girls were definitely enjoying the day! 12 hours in small town America at the most fun festival of the season! Hooray!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Homemade checkbook cover

I was using a wallet with a checkbook holder in it--but it was so large and bulky that it was driving me crazy trying to put it back in my purse every time I got my wallet out. I was going to use the one they give you for free, but I think I threw it away awhile ago when I got the other wallet. So I decided to search for a way to make my own. I was going to sew one--but I don't have a good relationship with my sewing machine, so I decided to make one the easy way--with tape and the sunday comics! And voila! Behold my fun/funny creation:

This is the detail from the front cover--it's kind of blurry, but I love that comic!
This is the comic I put in the middle to use as a divider for the duplicate checks. (Crappy picture again! Sorry! Originally it was full sized and showed the checkbook too, but then I realized you could see my check numbers and I had to crop it!)
So, what do you think? It's kind of fun and funky and fits me and my personality well I think!

What's in the fridge?

Yep, that's my fridge--look at that crazy magnet collection!
(You know you are a real friend if you have a magnet that is on my fridge!)
Guess what's inside!

Peach Melba cupcakes!
Isn't the color of that raspberry buttercream frosting just beautiful!!!
Sadly though they looked better than they tasted. But they aren't bad!
Also, I have a great cheesecake-it's a peach melba cheesecake--no bake--the best kind in my mind! It has a great topping of peaches and raspberries!
Oh, and I have a bunch of these too--DIRTY DISHES!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eyes have it swap

These are the new ATCs that I created for the Swap-bot Eyes Have it Swap. I really did not enjoy making them this time! I had such a hard time doing something with eyes on it. It's funny because I think I was focusing so much on it being about the eyes that I wouldn't do anything that just had some eyes on it. They aren't the best cards that I've done. But they turned out okay. This is one of the few swaps that I've been in that I didn't end up making a couple of extras for myself either. That's not really cool. That's part of the fun is making some for other people and challenging myself to come up with a few extras that I can keep. Oh well, I guess maybe the next time it will work out better. Actually I'm really excited about my next swap--it's a swap where you send someone a pack of 7 ATCs--one for every day of the week--to encourage them. I think this is definitely more my style! I'll put up pictures when I get them done.

Guess who....

Guess who got a bath?
This girl!
Just kidding! (Well actually I did take a shower)
This dog!!!

That might be why he looks as if though he's muttering under his breath about how stinky he is now that he smells like fresh apples and wet dog!
But he's so clean now and his ears are so soft!
And he didn't even have a seizure!
That's my happy thought for the day:
Clean, soft, apple-fresh dog!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful Blue Scarf

Recently I was given a pattern from a coworker for a gorgeous basketweave scarf. It was pretty looking (and not a hard pattern) so I went ahead and made it! It's so lovely! Check it out!

This shows you the basketweave pattern up close. It really was so easy! I love this scarf! The only problem is that I used cheap yarn so it's not too soft! I think I'm going to handwash it though with some fabric softener and see if that makes a difference.
This picture shows how the edges are scalloped--it's totally natural based on the pattern! Great! It takes shape itself!

Umm... this is how it looks on.... a dog! Who doesn't want a scarf on... he just wants to be left alone to sleep in front of the fan without having a photoshoot! Silly Dog! Just pose and then I'll take the scarf off! :o)

Be a tourist in your own hometown!

A few weekends ago was "Be a tourist in your own hometown" put on by the Fort Wayne Visitors Bureau. It's a great event where you can get a pass and go to numerous museums in Fort Wayne on one particular Sunday during the year for free. The possible places to go were:
African-American Historical Museum,
Allen County Courthouse,
Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory,
Fort Wayne Firefighter's Museum,
Fort Wayne Museum of Art,
The History Center,
Science Central,
The Lincoln Tower

My friend Lydia went with me and we decided to hit the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Artlink, the African American Historical Museum, and The Lincoln Tower. It was great! We had a lot of fun even though we realized after we got there that the African-American History Museum had been hit by lightning a few months before and part of it was closed, plus the Museum of Art didn't have anything on display because they were between exhibits, and that Artlink really is free all the time..... but alas... there is one place you can't just stop by anytime that you like: LINCOLN TOWER!

So we made the best of it and went to see the Lincoln Tower and take some pictures while we were up there. It's such a great view! And the best part was that 98.9 the Bear radio station was actually having a concert out in Freiman Square and we got to hear Deuce playing while we were up on top of the tower! Fantastic! Great way to spend a Sunday for nothing at all!!!

Art Link Guitar Show

The Fort Wayne Gallery Known as Art Link recently had a show (actually it might be currently going on) called The Guitar Show. It's a great show and has a lot of really interesting pieces. Unfortunately I don't have the names of the artists who created these pieces, but they are beautiful and fun and really just caught my attention. I especially love the guitar made out of spare parts! Wonderful idea! Check it out! If I get to go back again before the show is over I will try to update some of the artists' names.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Recently I participated in the Vent your Frustrations ATC Swap on http://www.swap-bot.com/ and it was great! I have only received one person's cards (which is disapointing) but I had a lot of fun making my own. The only thing was that you had to have atleast one cussword on each card, so enjoy if you are having a bad day!
Michelle :o)

These were the cards that I did for the swap....

My favorite card of all! I love this one! I think I'm still dealing with
breakup crap--yuck, and yet what delightful fun at the same time!

Deuce--How I love you!

If you know me--and I think you do if you are reading this because no one else reads this blog--then you know how I love a rockabilly band called Deuce. They actually were the ones who helped me celebrate my birthday this year... and I've been unofficially stalking Kenny Taylor since I turned 21 (back in the Blue Moon Boys Days). Anyway, here are some great photos of the night that Mellissa and I spent at the Latch String listening to my favorite band. Please check out their website http://www.myspace.com/2mandeuce and see what kind of fun they create wherever they are!
Kenny and Pat play their instruments like pros!

The best part of the Latch String other than music and Pete and Cathy (the staff) would be the cheap and yet delectable fries and the 50 cent tacos! On this particular night Mellissa and I broke the piggy bank to eat some food!
Gotta love those fries!

Belle Weather

I just finished reading the book Belle Weather: Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Scattered Hissy Fits by Celia Rivenbark. She is hilarious! I really enjoyed it! Seriously you have to check it out sometime. I am now going to go back in history and read all the other books that she has written. She is on my list of hilarious, enjoyable authors along with Laurie Notaro!

Check it out! If you live in Fort Wayne, then I guarantee your local library owns the book!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last post about Short North... for now!

Uh... hey, what is that? Oh.... I get it now!

Ladies, ladies, ladies.... keep your hands to yourself!
Uncle Sam doesn't need THAT kind of attention!

P.S. If you really want to know the best part of the trip then ask me about the orgasm inducing bread created at the Artisan Bread Place at the North Side Farmers Market--I think I might still be interested in marrying the man who makes that focaccia--oooooooooooo... I need a moment... Plus the most hilarious part of the day was getting a little bit of a discount on my second GIANT slice of focaccia because I made the guy laugh--I want to go back, I want to live in the market! It's the closest thing to Pike Place Market here in the midwest... and let me just reiterate... THE FOCACCIA IS WORTH IT!!!!!

More from the Art Fair

More from the art fair in Columbus, Ohio:
This was a community embroidery project, anyone could sew on it, it was awesome, although none of us participated in this particular one!
This was a three paneled piece of art made from paper pulp and dedicated to a friend of the artist. It was really interesting because it had so much texture.
Art on the walls in North Shorts Art District
A piece of art that spoke to my heart since I've been looking into purchasing a house lately.
This was done in chalk and pastels. It was pretty cool.
Although the ladies did notice that one of the rows is completely out of order--that
might be why it looks a little funny. Still a really nice concept!