Friday, November 14, 2008

A little more Cleveland, Ohio

Here is a little more from Cleveland, Ohio.
This first one is from a piece of street art I saw down by the river. Someone painted over it, but it still was pretty cool.

This is the entire piece.

Okay, so we were driving to visit a friend and we saw the sign saying,
"Dollar Paradise--World's Largest Dollar Stores"
although we thought it was supposed to be THE Worlds Largest Dollar STORE--not just one of the largest chain or whatever their criteria was. So basically we went for nothing, but it was still fun and we took some photos in front of it too!

What do you buy at the Dollar Paradise? Well you buy pop that is bottled in Cleveland, Ohio of course! 25 cents a can--can't beat that price!
Oh, and No Fishing!
Don't you love this sign?
I think it's too cute!!!

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Stephanie O' said...

I love the no fishing sign too! I've never seen one like that before. Super cute!