Friday, September 26, 2008

What's in the fridge?

Yep, that's my fridge--look at that crazy magnet collection!
(You know you are a real friend if you have a magnet that is on my fridge!)
Guess what's inside!

Peach Melba cupcakes!
Isn't the color of that raspberry buttercream frosting just beautiful!!!
Sadly though they looked better than they tasted. But they aren't bad!
Also, I have a great cheesecake-it's a peach melba cheesecake--no bake--the best kind in my mind! It has a great topping of peaches and raspberries!
Oh, and I have a bunch of these too--DIRTY DISHES!!!

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Kathie said...

Yum and I like that check book cover.
Blessings from Costa Rica