Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deuce--How I love you!

If you know me--and I think you do if you are reading this because no one else reads this blog--then you know how I love a rockabilly band called Deuce. They actually were the ones who helped me celebrate my birthday this year... and I've been unofficially stalking Kenny Taylor since I turned 21 (back in the Blue Moon Boys Days). Anyway, here are some great photos of the night that Mellissa and I spent at the Latch String listening to my favorite band. Please check out their website and see what kind of fun they create wherever they are!
Kenny and Pat play their instruments like pros!

The best part of the Latch String other than music and Pete and Cathy (the staff) would be the cheap and yet delectable fries and the 50 cent tacos! On this particular night Mellissa and I broke the piggy bank to eat some food!
Gotta love those fries!

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Mellissa said...

Awww! I love that pic of us!