Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Craftin Outlaws!

This year one of my goals was to go to an indie craft fair. They have them all over, but apparently not in my hometown (Fort Wayne, Indiana) so I had to make a trip to go to one . Although I'm not sure my friends were anywhere near as excited as I was, they still indulged me and went along. It was so much fun for me! I loved the craft fair--Craftin Outlaws in Columbus, Ohio (www.craftinoutlaws.com) and I also loved the farmers market and the Short North Arts District (which was having an art fair that day too). It was such a great day, here are a few photos to show you:

Waiting in line for free goodie bags at the Indie Craft Fair
Check out the size of those lily pads!!! Huge!
Oh, and there was a wedding going on the park behind us... someone wanted to go join the wedding party but we had to reign her in and keep going!
Girls! Come on! You can cross on yellow lights--just hurry!
The most macho Angel of the day!
Surly Girl--why I think that could be my own personal saloon!

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