Tuesday, September 30, 2008

James Dean Look-a-Like contest

So one of the best parts of going to the James Dean Festival is getting to see the world famous James Dean Look-a-like contest at the end of the evening on Saturday night. Usually people come from all over the place to participate (and by the way ANYONE can participate--you just register when you get there--no fees, no tests, no verification that you actually look like James Dean even!). It's not uncommon to have people from overseas who come for the festival even. It's amazing how well liked James Dean is in Europe! So, this year there were people participating from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee, Wisconsin, and California to name a few places. The participants this year were not very good compared to previous years.

This is a picture of me with the real James Dean in the background--just in case you need a frame of reference to compare contestants.

These are the 2008 James Dean Festival Contestants

FYI the winner was the guy in the cowboy hat.
He actually was the MOST similar to James Dean!

This picture makes me laugh. It's me and Cheryl with two of the contestants....
Obviously not the closest Look-a-like's!
P.S. NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES call them impersonators--they are not impersonators, they are look-a-likes! I learned this lesson the hard way a few years ago...just trying to educate the public now!