Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eyes have it swap

These are the new ATCs that I created for the Swap-bot Eyes Have it Swap. I really did not enjoy making them this time! I had such a hard time doing something with eyes on it. It's funny because I think I was focusing so much on it being about the eyes that I wouldn't do anything that just had some eyes on it. They aren't the best cards that I've done. But they turned out okay. This is one of the few swaps that I've been in that I didn't end up making a couple of extras for myself either. That's not really cool. That's part of the fun is making some for other people and challenging myself to come up with a few extras that I can keep. Oh well, I guess maybe the next time it will work out better. Actually I'm really excited about my next swap--it's a swap where you send someone a pack of 7 ATCs--one for every day of the week--to encourage them. I think this is definitely more my style! I'll put up pictures when I get them done.

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Stephanie O' said...

The 7 days of encouragement does sound little more up your alley!