Friday, September 19, 2008

Beautiful Blue Scarf

Recently I was given a pattern from a coworker for a gorgeous basketweave scarf. It was pretty looking (and not a hard pattern) so I went ahead and made it! It's so lovely! Check it out!

This shows you the basketweave pattern up close. It really was so easy! I love this scarf! The only problem is that I used cheap yarn so it's not too soft! I think I'm going to handwash it though with some fabric softener and see if that makes a difference.
This picture shows how the edges are scalloped--it's totally natural based on the pattern! Great! It takes shape itself!

Umm... this is how it looks on.... a dog! Who doesn't want a scarf on... he just wants to be left alone to sleep in front of the fan without having a photoshoot! Silly Dog! Just pose and then I'll take the scarf off! :o)

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