Tuesday, February 16, 2010

29 Day Giving Challenge

I recently read the book 29 Gifts by Cami Walker and I really appreciated it. The book was pretty basic, but the point of the book is that you are supposed to give one thing every day for 20 days and learn to connect more to others through giving. The gifts can be anything from calling a friend who needs some encouragement, sending a package to someone, volunteering your time or services to those around you, or just smiling or encouraging a stranger. The point is that you are supposed to give gifts not with the expectation of getting anything in return and not because you feel like you have to give something. You are supposed to just learn to give to feel connections and to honestly bring about something positive for another person... and that's why I've decided to give it a try. I'm starting tomorrow. Tonight I'm at work and although the opportunity surely will present itself I guess I'm just feeling like I want to start fresh tomorrow with the idea in my head from the start of the day. Wish me luck on giving my 29 gifts for the next 29 days!
Best wishes!


Stephanie O' said...

Good luck! Was this the author with Multiple Sclerosis? I think I heard about it on the news. I like the idea of it!

Mike Witt said...

Wishing you luck from Iraq.. sounds like a good read..

Michelle said...

Yep she is the author with MS. She's got a great outlook on things!