Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2

For day 2 of the 29 day giving challenge I sent a letter to my Grandma. I haven't talked to her since around Christmas and I wanted to tell her thanks again for her support when I bought my house a year ago. It was great to have family and friends supporting me so much and she gave me just a bit of seed money to help with a down payment which was a great relief! Actually I used part of the money to put in new carpet, which was wonderful!!! It felt nice to look back on something I had given thanks for over a year ago and remind someone that I'm still grateful for the impact it made. So thanks again Grandma and thanks to all of you who helped me paint, strip wallpaper, remove carpet, and do all the moving and packing and cleaning necessary to start a new home--a home of my very own! I can't tell you how happy this house has made me this past year and I'm glad to have all of you around to continue to share in that awesome, wonderful feeling!

Best Wishes!

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