Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's new blueberry?

We went Blueberry picking last week!
It was great fun for the whole family,
or my family and my friends and their families--I don't discriminate!
And we only got lost like 4 times on the way and got to see an old man who drove his car into the shrubs on the side of the road... that made for some interesting conversation--
FYI no we did not actually see him drive into the shrubs, we just saw the cops and wreckers trying to get the car out and were coming up with some crazy theories as to what made someone just drive into a shrub....

Blueberry picking in white shorts?
Yep that's Elizabeth...she said she hates those shorts,
um and they aren't so white and clean now!

Alyssa gave up first--stating that Blueberry picking was hurting her wrist--then she proceeded to eat the berries from her bucket! No!!! Eat the berries on the shrubs--those berries are free!
Yep, even my mom got in on the action...although mostly she ate the berries and pulled weeds. I think she was trying to get a discount on berries by pulling weeds for them... but it didn't work!

Best Wishes!


Stephanie O' said...

Ha- we sort of got lost going there too. Our directions had us going in all these crazy directions when there should really only be about 2 turns off of 3. Go figure! We should get a bunch of people to go next year and have a picnic there or something.

I think it's funny that your mom was pulling weeds! I definitely dressed more appropriately this year than last though! Good times!

Elizabeth said...

aww this looks like so much fun!