Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 6

So for Day 6 I guess I am just counting something that I do all day at work... I helped a patron! I work at the library and honestly every day I'm helping people... but today I'm counting it for my act of giving. Sometimes at work I can help someone and not have time to get into everything or go very deep at work, but today I had a more relaxed day and I got to help a patron at work who was very pleasant and was willing to pay for a book that she thought she had returned. She was very nice and I took a few extra minutes to search for the book before she actually paid for the fines and I ended up finding the book on the shelf. Of course she was delighted and I was apologizing for missing it in the first place. She was very sweet though and it made me glad to make a little extra effort at the time. I do appreciate working in a job where helping people is a big part of my day. I actually like helping, although it's so much easier to do when you are helping someone polite or pleasant than someone crabby or someone ungrateful for your assistance. Today I'm glad to give to people at work!

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