Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 5

UPDATE--Sounds like Harley has a home--she's living with the family for now. Thanks for helping though to anyone who asked around!Okay so it's Day 5 and I offered to give my friend's dad's dog a bath. This is her--her name is Harley and she's a Basset Hound with a wiggly little tail and a bit of spunk! She was super cute, but smelled awful because she lived in a house with a smoker. Unfortunately her owner just passed away and she's kind of in a state of Limbo right now... looking for a home... if anyone knows someone who might be willing to take in an older dog--she's about 10 and has some issues that come with old age--like Arthritis, deteriorating eyesight, and hearing loss--but she is house trained and shows affection ALL the time! Um, and you can't look at her sweet eyes and not want to pat her cute little head! Especially if you could see how her little short, stubby legs turn outward when she stands there and her floppy ears almost hit the floor she's so cute! Oh, and don't try to stop her tail from wagging!

In a funny note to those of you reading though, Harley gave me a gift of her own, she actually ended up showing me that an old dog isn't as feeble as you might think. After getting her bath I let her out to go to the bathroom without her collar on thinking she was an older dog and wouldn't go far.... um, she wasn't happy with the bath apparently and she took off down the sidewalk. She's got some spunk in her when she wants to show it and she took off running (or hopping on those funny little legs) and we both ended up tripping and falling in the neighbors driveway! Um.... glad the neighbors weren't out because that would have been terribly embarrassing--the neighbor girl wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top with a coat on top is chasing a short, old dog down the street and wipes out! Argh! Totally embarassing! But she certainly taught me arthritis is no match for her when she's on the go, she taught me to have a good laugh at myself and the situation, and she taught me that you are never too old for an adventure!!! So go lopping down the sidewalk if you need to and see what happens!

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Mike Witt said...

You are the best!!!!! I'm glad you can find humor in a situation like that:o)