Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boxer Puppy for Christmas and a few other dogs too!

This is my cousin's boxer puppy!
He's so cute!
Lets call him Steve!!!!

Look Steve has his own puppy teething ring!!!
You are too cute Steve!!!
Gussy found a girlfriend!
That's Maggie his favorite Puppy friend!
Um... and Blue no longer has ears...
actually he is no longer living at my house because he had to
move on to greener pastures after his stuffing was systematically removed by two crazy dogs!
This picture just makes me smile!
Enjoy the New Year Holiday and see you in 2009!
Best Wishes!


Stephanie O' said...

Oh my gosh! I love the boxer! That's what Andy wants our next dog to be. They are adorable! And I love the puppy snow print!

Mellissa C. said...

Aw I love the puppy footprint :)

SpaceCase said...

PS: I joined blogger!