Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Steph and Michelle's Ornament Swap!

This year my friend Stephanie and I decided to do our own ornament swap at home. We asked every participant to bring six handmade ornaments which we traded with one another. Actually we chose to set them all out on the table and took turns choosing them. They were so fun! There were some really great ornaments and the party itself was a lot of fun to co-host as well!
This is a photo of my parents, Lydia, Stephanie, and myself. We were the ones who came early put everything together and then stayed late to clean it all up! You can tell us by our aprons--even my dad joined in the fun!

This was Stephanie before the party putting together her cookie tree creation!
It turned out lovely!

Here is Gussy waiting for the party to begin and hoping for snacks to fall from the heavens! He's dressed for the occasion too in his cheery little Christmas bandana

These were the ornaments sitting out on the table. We had pinecones, crocheted snowflakes, decorated glass bulbs, felt ornaments using all sorts of fun stitching, beaded ornaments, painted ornaments, and collage ornaments. Honestly it was a great mix and left me wishing that there was one of everything for me to take home!

These are some of the ladies making their choices.
See you all next year at the next ornament swap!!!

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