Thursday, December 4, 2008 Nature Swap

I just wanted to put a post on here about the Nature Swap I did on received my package from Linda Crabtree and I loved it! She filled all the requirements and added some extra bits of ephemra that I can play with. I really appreciate it! Here are some quick although not great photos of the lovely things she sent and the beautiful packaging that she sent it in!

The best part of this great gift was the bar of soap in the corner of this picture. I don't know what fragrance it is or anything, but as soon as you opened the box it smelled wonderful! She does sell her own soaps at if anyone is interested.


mamah said...

So cute!!!!
Please come to visit me on Sirpriz i will be happy to see you :)

Mama from france from
Swaps gifts and make friends

Stephanie O' said...

I can't tell what all is in there, but it looks like fun! Hurray for handmade soaps! My goal for this next year is to try and buy only handmade soaps (at least for the kitchen sink and bathroom, I'm going to stick to my bar soap for body wash!)