Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online Ornament Swap

I'm participating in the Cake and Pie Ornament Swap which they are hosting through I was so excited about it this year because I decided to do an old fashioned homemade Christmas Tree this year and wanted a bunch of hand made ornaments to hang on its lovely little branches. So this week I sent out all of my ornaments and here are a few photos of what I sent out to my 10 swap partners:
These were the greetings that I stamped and put in all of the packages! I love that stamp which came from are a few of the ornaments that I created--all of them are hearts in
Christmas colored felts.
I love the buttons!
It was fun to embroider a bit--I used to do it when I was younger but it's been awhile. This is all 10 of the ornaments before they were wrapped and put in padded envelopes with a couple of pieces of chocolate and were sent on their way! I hope the other ladies like them. They weren't too hard and aren't too special, but they are lovely to me atleast!
Best Wishes!

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