Thursday, November 1, 2007

Twitter & Delicious (with weird dots in the middle)

Okay, so I did go on Twitter today and also on Delicious. I don't really think Twitter is my kind of thing. I guess I'm just too wordy--I would rather blog about something if I have something to say. Perhaps if I was living in this country and my significant other were living in another country I might think about Twitter as a means of sharing the day to day details, but lets face it--I'm not 13 and have a million things to say to my friends all the time, and I'm not facing an extremely long distance relationship in which I would like to share the tiny details of my every day existance. So basically although it's a decent site, it just doesn't seem like something that is going to work for me. Besides that I'm wordy and I like to talk a lot--so I might as well use something else that let's me get it ALL out there! :o) As for Delicious. It's okay. I can see some good use to it. Especially for places like Grabill that use it for their staff as a means of connecting to different reference type resources, but I guess for me as an individual I can't really imagine using it. I know what it is now though so that should give me bonus points, right? ;o) Oh, and I wonder if I still get a library 2.0 Genius T-shirt--I kind of want one as dorky as that sounds--that could have been a great Halloween shirt--I'm sure I could have come up with a costume involving that shirt! Dang, I'm always too late!

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