Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Tree Idea!

So over the summer last year my friend Stephanie made me a bunch of silly little colorful origami items--like a dress, a box, a basket, stars, flowers, a turtle--whatever was on her origami calendar of the day she made and gave to me. They are super cute and I have had them sitting in my closet for awhile now and I think I finally came up with a use for them--I plan to use them to decorate my Christmas Tree! I think the more outlandish the tree is, the better it will be. So I've decided to put on colored lights (maybe--I have to admitt that I really secretly hate colored lights though!) and then I'm going to get some sort of silly, shiny garland that has some sparkle to it and then I'm going to decorate it with lots of fun little origami items. I think my tree topper might be some homemade pinwheels sticking out of the top too. They aren't Christmas related, but that's fine with me. My tree is small (4 foot) and it's just a fun way for me to express some creativity and to act silly. I love non traditional Christmas trees. I think I got that from going to the Festival of Trees in Fort Wayne every year, as a matter of fact I think I might go to the festival this weekend and thus up my creativity quotient even more..... although the downside of that is that I will most likely end up coming up with other ideas for Christmas trees and I will want to do three or more of them this holiday... I have been known to do that before. :o)
*****Okay so today is 11/28/2007 and I have to say that I LOVE making these little Ninja Stars--they are so fun!!! I've gotten to the point that I can make them without a pattern and of course in any kind of paper that I can find! Today at work I was showing them to my coworkers and we were testing out their flying skills--it paid off too because we found an item that had been lost because the ninja star flew under a counter that we don't usually check under--way to go Ninja stars! Who says they can't be used for good? :o)

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Stephanie said...

Hi! I can't wait to see your tree! You'll have to stop by and see our big tree this year. So exciting!