Thursday, November 1, 2007

Photo Blogs Rock!!!!

Okay, so I have officially found something that I love online!!! It's the whole idea of Photo Blogs--they are amazing!!! I love pictures and photographs and it's awesome to go see the photos that people are posting daily on their blogs. This whole idea of sharing a photo a day is so great to me!!! Seriously I like Flickr--it's an awesome site to get to see some really different and unique photos as well as to share photos with your friends, but the idea of just posting a random photo every day online is also really interesting to me! This might be something I would have to work with. I am going to have to think it through a little bit... perhaps I will start asking for a computer for Christmas again. It almost worked last year! :o)

Until I figure out something though you should go check out:
You can see some of the most amazing photo blogs out there!


CS said...

well look whose blog i stumbled upon! last i heard you were not having any part of library 2.0. nice to see ya :)

chrisgirl said...

Hey Michelle - I hope to see a photo of you riding in a Monster Truck sometime soon!