Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The wedding of friends--in June---I'm so behind

Well a few months ago my friends Stephanie and Andy got married. It was a lot of fun to participate in the wedding--but here are the highlights that I want to share with people:

First of all!!! If you are having a Bachelorette party and need to find some fun little cupcake toppers--think about getting out the colorful tootsie rolls and shaping them into cute little penis shapes! They made a great discussion piece and they looked wonderful--the cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla frosting tinted pink and had multicolored sprinkles and tootsie roll penises on them. One note of caution though--do NOT put them in the fridge--it made the little tootsie rolls penises melt a bit and they had a slick glossy coating on them... not quite what I wanted, but still they were cute. I would just recommend doing the penises at the last minute and putting them on right before the guests arrive.

Our Bachelorette party was called the "Naughty little pink and black party" and everyone was encouraged to wear pink and black and at the end of the party I gave out party gifts that were pink bags with black decoration and inside was a getting laid kit--each one had a lei in it, a fruity condom, some great lubrications in fun fruity flavors and also a tiny bottle of alcohol. Here were my winners and they seemed to enjoy the prizes. I hope that they used them!

Before the wedding we made a bunch of these paper cranes to put on the tables for decorations. They were cute--lots of fun colors and papers, but they were crazy to make! It took forever! I did like 80 in one night and by the end my hands were hurting! But honestly they looked lovely on the tables, so it was definitely worth it! Here is a small sampling of the ones that I made and yes they do kind of look like they are fighting one another.

Here was the cupcake tower that they had at their wedding. Stephanie didn't sound convinced when I originally mentioned doing it, but after seeing some pictures online I think she really enjoyed it. I wish that you could see them better, they were cute and tasted great! Oh, and Andy looks evil because he is planning to shove a half of a cupcake into her mouth right now... watch out Stephanie!
This is the last picture--it is them at the Rose Garden where the wedding took place. There was a lot of rain and some storms the night before and even early that morning, but it was absolutely beautiful when it came time for the wedding, so it didn't really matter--other than watching out for stepping in mud when we walked in the grass--dang those high heels really do get stuck in that mud!
So, overall it was an absolutely lovely day and they both looked so wonderful. I enjoyed being there and being a part of it. Good luck to you both!

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Stephanie O' said...

Yay for fun and colorful tootsie roll penises!