Thursday, August 14, 2008

Post Card Swap

First of all check out this blog and you can see some random postcards that I made for a postcard swap from the Mail Art Collective:
The great thing about this site is that you can swap postcards without signing up--you just wait until they are having a swap and send in the postcards (random ones you made or altered) with their own postage on them and then a few weeks later you get five of them back in the mail. It's great! I was so excited the last time and I'm even trying to get recruits to participate this time as well. Here are the five that I did for this swap. I really hope they make it through the mail okay-perhaps someone will let me know if they do not! They are just cardboard from food boxes that have been collaged, stamped, and altered and then sealed with two layers of decopauge glue--not sure how durable they are. Yikes! Now I'm freaking out about them falling apart!!!

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CherBear said...

Yea!!! Michelle is officially back!!! I love your blog! Oh, and by the way, Matthew Mc is not married yet, he's just a baby daddy. Also, Miranda Lambert wrote Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She wrote the soundtrack for mad break-ups. Excellent!!!! You'd better send me a freaking post card! Love the cupcakes!