Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I love

Honestly I don't even remember what this mosaic was supposed to be about--just something having to do with what you love, where you came from, where you wish you were, with a few of your favorite things thrown in there for good measure--I really don't think it matters too much though. The point is that I love it! And yeah, that's a great set of pictures of Matthew McConaughey in the middle--he's my dream guy. Even though he's weird, married, was arrested for getting high and playing the bongos in the nude, and of course there is something now about him saving the placenta from his child's birth to plant under a tree or something--I'm okay with that--just please plant it already! Don't wait forever, I think there might be an expiration date on those things! Yikes! (P.S. That dog in the corner is named Gussy! Weird! It's not my dog but he looks like my dog and his name is Gussy also!!! I love that! I so want to go visit him!)

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