Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guerilla Style Random Acts of Kindness--3

My third Random Act of Kindness was one that I wanted to be a bit more "pay it forward." It's actually a postcard that I made and then I asked someone to mail it to someone else that they know. I made the postcard and put a stamp on it so it would be ready to send in the mail.
This is where it was dropped off at--at the Ivy Tech Cafeteria. I hope that some college kid comes in for dinner and gets the post card and mails it home to tell his mom he loves her.

This is the cafeteria. We went for a movie there in the Cinema Center at Ivy Tech and the place was busy with all the tables full when we left, hopefully someone grabbed it instead of putting their food tray on it! :o) I remember those days!

~Best Wishes!~

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