Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guerilla Style Random Acts of Kindness--2

For my second Guerilla Style Random Act of Kindness I decided to use a picture that I had taken of the Lakeside Rose Gardens. It's a photo of a pale pink rose that I enjoy. I made a copy of it and wrote a message on the back. I hope that it's owner is enjoying it right now!

This is the picture on the bench where I left it. This bench is absolutely my favorite spot in the whole park--it's kind of hidden and has a fun little stone path to walk back to it. The wind was out that day though so I had to put a little piece of chipped sidewalk on the picture to hold it down. I hope that it didn't blow away!
This is the bench with the picture on it.

This is what the bench area looks like, isn't it adorable? Many people have snuggled up on this bench. Maybe the person who went home with my photo actually was snuggling up, making out with their significant other and took the photo home to remember the day by! That's my dream atleast...

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