Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guerrilla Style Random Acts of Kindness--1

This month I decided to participate in a swap on called Guerrilla Random Acts of Kindness. It's a fun swap in which you make three items and leave them in public places for other people to find. The items could be anything, but they had to be left in a public place and you had to document what you did.

For my first one I decided to use a scarf that I made last year. It's the softest, cuddly scarf. It's made of something that feels like a teddy bear and even though it's lovely, I never use it. It just seems like it goes with the fewest items of clothing in my closet and plus I have so many scarves that many of them don't get the love and attention that they deserve.

This scarf was left at the Lakeside Rose Gardens on Lake Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The gardens are beautiful and the weather was gorgeous that day. There are always people walking dogs and marriages taking place there, so I figured the scarf wouldn't have long to wait until someone would happen upon it and decide to do as the tag says and "Take me home".

Actually after placing the scarf down and taking a few pictures my friend and I walked around the park and by the time we returned to that side of the park, the scarf was gone. I think it might have been a woman with two small sons who took it. I hope so, maybe it will make her feel warm and snuggly this winter! Although ironically it was actually about 84 degrees that day, so it was not getting used at that time!

Mission Number One--Successful!!!

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Stephanie O' said...

How cool!!! That's so fun to leave little fun things behind for someone else to find. I'm sure you made a couple of people's days!