Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This blogs for you Mr. Tomlinson!

I do like Flickr. Nice website, I should use it since I don't even have a computer--that would mean that I could just go to anyone's computer and bring up my pictures to share with friends. Although I really love actually being able to hold the photo in my hands, that makes me really happy! I love having a goofy or fun or meaningful or beautiful picture sitting out and just being able to walk by it daily and smile. It might be fun to have them on flickr too so that when I get annoyed with some dweeby patron at work I could just go take a break and laugh at my photos! :o)

One more thing about Flickr--it really makes me feel kind of sad because I get to see some really amazing photos on there from professionals and it makes me wish I could take more photos and photos of a better quality and composition! Seriously wish that I could afford to take another photography class. I enjoyed it so much in college and poor mister Tom Tomlinson is probably retired now or else still sitting around wondering how many dumb Ball State Communication major students are going to begrudgingly take his class--although for the record Mr. Tomlinson--I was not a Communication Major! I did not HAVE to take your class! And I loved having you as my crochety old professor!! So take that!!!!

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