Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great Blog Debate over All Consuming

So I tried out All Consuming today. I've actually used their sister site--43 things before. It's a cool place to be able to make some goals for yourself and get to share a bit about them. It's kind of cool to see that other people out there have similar goals too. Although personally I just write mine down in a journal and then cross them off when they happen. Here are a few of mine though:
Plant a Tree
Sew an apron
Learn to cook a perfect meal
Ride in a Monster Truck
Travel to a foreign country again
Lounge in a hot tub or jacuzzi sometime this year
Make a completely from scatch Pie--oh wait,
I did make a Cherry and an Apple pie in the past, but it's been a long time....
Okay, so back to All Consuming. The problem with that site is that I just don't really get why you want to go online and tell people that you ate sushi for dinner or whatever. I guess I do that with my friends, but it seems weird to tell complete strangers what I had for lunch and what I plant to have for dinner, etc. It is pretty nice though in terms of making potential readers advisory suggestions. It's interesting to see if other people are also enjoying the things I enjoy as well. I don't know, but it's kind of cool. It's another website that I don't really imagine myself using much. Perhaps just looking at it every once in awhile when I get bored, but otherwise I can't imagine logging in to let the world know that two minutes ago I finished eating Fish Sticks and watching the movie Lilo and Stitch! :o)

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NDN said...

Before I heard of 43 things I made a list and posted it as a blog on my myspace. I came up with 60 things in about an hour. Whew!! Anyway...you can read it if you want to. myspace.com/trixiebana