Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blogs, blogs, everywhere!

Well I have now completely added a picture to my blog so that everyone who isn't sure who I am can look and be like, "Oh, yeah, it's that girl!!! I know that girl.... she used to work at that one library. She was always dancing around acting goofy and saying silly things."

I have read a few other people's blogs too. Most of the ones from the library are ones that I wonder if people will keep up with. I can't help but feel like this has the potential to be an exercise in futility for a lot of people here. I think I'm going to try to use mine though... Of course you know what they say about good intentions. Although I'm honestly wondering what I would say on here that would even be useful or worthwhile for other people to read. I guess my opinions are just goofy and don't really make much difference in anyone else's life. They just make me laugh. Oh and by the way I'm pretty sure that if anyone from the digital collaborative at the library is actually reading this then they are probably currently banning me from anything library related because I clearly lack the extreme enthusiasm necessary to complete Library 2.0 like a real enthusiast! I'm gonna get my blog blackballed... dang!!!


Lynn said...

Goodness, no! The whole idea here is to try out these tools and see if you like 'em -- if you don't, you don't have to use 'em, but at least you'll know what other people are talking about when they complain about Blogger.

You're probably right: most people probably won't keep up their blogs long-term. And that's okay. If they've served their purpose, they can fade away into Internet obscurity, and nobody will mind.

Mellissa said...

Awwww that's such a cute picture! Git down with your bad self!

-Your favorite Renewal slave