Monday, February 9, 2009

Funniest thing that happened today!

Today at work a routine customer came to the desk and told me he doesn't get to see me very often but he was glad to see me today. Then he smiled and showed me his few teeth that still are intact and told me "When I see you, I think of a stuffed cabbage." This made me laugh and I said I'm not sure if that's good or bad, he said it was good and told me, "Have a good day beautiful, I mean that!" It was so funny! I guess this is what I look like to him:

I've been feeling really bad about myself lately, very unwanted, unsupported, and unloved... but now I just feel like a big stuffed cabbage!!! Gotta go somewhere and try this dish, maybe it will turn my life around! (Although the kind gentlemen is not my type--because of the age and bad oral health--I do appreciate that he said something nice although slightly unwarranted, but still not too sleazy... I don't think unless of course "stuffed cabbage" is a metaphor for something I don't know about....)

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Stephanie O' said...

Stuffed cabbage, eh? Maybe it depends on what it's stuffed with? That's really funny!