Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big News!

So it finally is happening! I bought a house!
It's in an addition, but the back yard faces a field, so that makes it feel a bit more secluded.
This is the first of two full bathrooms!!!
(That yellow spot on the floor isn't there in real life--only in the pictures!)
This is the kitchen with the Jenn-air stove which needs repairs.
The kitchen feels really small to me, but I'm going to live with it for awhile and then maybe do some remodeling in the future. When I save up some money!
Oh, and that's Cliff the inspector--he told me the house needs some maintenance, but overall it's not that bad! Woohoo!
Um, that's my dog Gussy checking out the carpet by the back door. He's just making sure the house is dog approved--apparently it was since before we left he was rubbing on the carpet!
(Of course he is a dog and he rubs in bird poo in the yard too!)
This is our newest family portrait!
That's my mom, my dog, and myself in front of the fireplace!
The walls in the living area are currently cranberry--that will be changed soon enough!
Only a couple more weeks until we get the keys and start working on the place and moving things in. Thank goodness for family and friends because without them I would be in so much trouble! Now keep your eyes open for a washer and dryer combo and a new dinning room table!

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Stephanie O' said...

Wow! That yard looks awesome! When I first saw it, I thought it was some random country place. Very cool. I like the inside pictures too. Maybe you'll get the keys this weekend to take measurements and I can take an inside tour! Fun!