Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 11

Today was a crazy busy day! I went to the auction and met up with my cousin and her husband as well as my parents. My dad decided not to stay so he left my mom in my care and she and I bought up the place! Actually we didn't do too badly--my mom got a couple of things she really wanted. I picked up some fun random stuff, and we had a good day overall. I ended up taking my mom out for lunch as my act of giving today. She bought my random goodies at the auction and I wanted her to know that I really appreciated her just coming and spending time with me. Also after the auction we boxed up whatever we bought and didn't want and took it to give to my cousin. She then got to go through what was left and pick things for herself and also to keep the stuff to try to sell in a garage sale later. Hopefully it's a gift that gives her a bit more money down the road during garage sale season!

Best wishes!

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