Saturday, April 11, 2009

What does Gussy think?

So everyone asks me all the time, what does Gussy think of the new house? Well let's ask and see, shall we:
"This carpet smells funny and my toys are all over the place, where do you keep the kibble? I don't know where I am anymore? What about those walks and the neighborhood kids? I swear why do you have to put me in this crazy place?"-- Gussy in March

"Okay, nevermind! I found the couch and the bed and this carpet actually feels pretty good when I rub my ears all over it. I mean I guess I can get used to it. There are those two neighbor dogs and I think that there might be kids around here... and people come visit a lot right now which is sweet! Although I wish they would bring me some treats... treats would be good... or leftovers... maybe a steak or a steak bone... I mean I'll take what I can get... you know it wouldn't be so bad here if Michelle would just go to the grocery store every once in awhile! And maybe she could buy me a steak when she goes next time!" --Gussy in April

All in all I think we are adjusting well! :o)


Stephanie O' said...

I think Gussy really wants someone to play with a pull toy with him!

Mike W. said...

I guess he's alway just sat like that...