Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friends help Friends... destroy!

Did I mention that my friends are the best?
Did I mention that when I bought my new house--alone--as in a single woman making the best of her own life--that my friends kind of unwillingly joined me in that task...
And that they are now helping me to destroy the things in the house that I need to get rid of?

For example:

Steph rips that dang wallpaper border right off!
Who likes that border anyway?
Not me!

Stef pulls that carpet up with her super strong, gloved hands
And makes me laugh so hard I think I might pee my pants in the process!
People say tearing your carpet out is hard, apparently they don't have Stef around to vent her frustrations on their old carpets because it made removing mine a snap!

And Lydia jumps right in to the messy jobs!
She got right to work on making that hole in the wall into a lovely flat wall without a hole--
by putting on a protective mask and sanding the crap out of it!
She's a trooper for sure! Although she probably isn't glad about me putting this picture online.
Just remember Lydia--I'm doing it to tell everyone how wonderful you are
at dealing with dirty situations!

You are all so great and wonderful! Thanks for helping me to: Paint, clean, wash, remove old fixtures, put in new ones, plumb the sink, fix the electrical problems, you know all the stuff you did, and so do I! Thanks so much for all of you! Even the ones not pictured here!

Best Wishes and let me know if anyone wants to join me
in my giant craft project, AKA: the house!

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