Friday, February 8, 2008

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon?

Alright, so I'm in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program and I'm contemplating bowling with them for the Bowl for Kids' Sake program. Is anyone interested in participating as well? The only thing is that I really hate to ask people for money! I hate it! I think it just brings back memories of childhood when we had to go door to door soliciting for Girl Scout Cookies and my friend Heather and I would go through the neighborhood together and we each got to do every other house--but SHE always got the good houses where people would buy like 4 boxes while I either got turned down or else I only sold one box to some random old lady who felt sorry for me! Plus Heather's mom and dad took flyers to work and sold cookies there for her, but my parents wouldn't do it! Darn those parents who try to make you think that you have to sell things for yourself! Silly parents! Don't they understand that you can't get the good prizes for selling a lot of cookies if you just have to go door to door and hope that the million other girl scouts who live in the edition haven't been through yet! Anyway, asking for money makes me antsy. Anyone have any comments?


Nope, no one ever does.... except for Barb and her comments are always gross! Barb--no gross comments on this one please!!!!

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